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  • January 2019 – Rev. Alexey Streltsov at Zion Lutheran Church of Bridgeville, PA
  • In this presentation, Rev. Streltsov, who serves as the president of Lutheran Theological Seminary in Novosibirsk, discusses some of the challenges of operating a seminary in Siberia and why it is imperative that the Seminary achieve financial independence so that it can continue to operate.
  • June 2017 – Rev. Alan Ludwig on KFUO’s Faith’n’Family – In this interview tells how ten weeks of teaching in Siberia in 1997 led to his twenty years of service there, what it is like to serve our Lord there, and the history of the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church.
  • January 2017 – Issues, Etc. Interview with Bishop Vsevolod Lytkin – In this interview, Bishop Lytkin discusses the history of Lutheranism in Russia and the future of Confessional Lutheranism in Siberia.

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