Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church/Lutheran Theological Seminary Documentary

Part 1: The Beginning – Learn about the early days of the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Part 2: The Seminary – Learn about the beginnings of Lutheran Theological Seminary in Novosibirsk.
Part 3: The Mission – Siberia – Follow the lives of three of the earliest graduates of the Theological Seminary of Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church as the enter their congregations and missions in Siberia.
Part 4: The Other Half of the Truth – In 2007, the Russian economy was booming due to the price of oil. Many Russians were prospering. However, that was only one half of the truth.

Presentations by Rev. Alan Ludwig

Mission 2012 – Prior to his service at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Novosibirsk, Rev. Ludwig served as pastor of Concordia Lutheran Church of Cresbard, South Dakota. This presentation was given at that congregation.
Mission 2014 – Rev. Ludwig’s many hats revealed in this international mission. Presentation given at Trinity Lutheran Church of Palo Alto, California.

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